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Our vision is to streamline communication and get to the heart of the issue…quickly. In our current day, the value proposition in speed of communication is too large to ignore. We were born in the American heavy machining industry where the standard for issue communication and resolution on SQDC (or QCDMS) boards are based in 1930’s conversation techniques with a twist of LEAN manufacturing / 5S / Kaizen / Six Sigma thrown in for good measure to appease corporate standards. The result is a program that is a 3D approach to identifying problems and that an issue identified in Delivery may affect Safety and Quality. Just to be clear, we whole heartedly support this methodology, what we don’t support is the slow, non-standardized and ultimately unprofessional delivery of this effort.
There is a MASSIVE amount of information lost throughout the day and then also in the morning production meetings. This is of no fault to anyone in the organization as the current method in capturing information is manual. Everything is paper based, time intensive and the value of the information is not clear. Deadlines and production goals reign supreme, not communication. This leads to open gaps and degraded layers of defense in a quality strategy. Our goal is to revolutionize the human performance and issue management section by making communication instantly visually recognizable and to create a self-contained circle of continuous improvement…all while increasing the speed and accuracy of communication within a production environment. Essentially – instant gratification.
Across all industries in the world, technology has progressed. Planning systems, billing systems, methods of cataloguing Bills of Materials. Yet, specialized manufacturing lead times have (seemingly) only gone up worldwide over the years. Our belief in this increasing lead time issue is one of quality. The quality standards are higher than ever before. One look into the ASME code and one can easily see the progression of engineering standards through the years. The biggest single gain any organization can make is one of continuous improvement. It has been proven time and time again that continuous improvement will yield evolutionary and then revolutionary changes.
Our product offering could be used in a continuous, daily use or simply utilize our tool in the daily production meeting. Let’s face it. Production meetings are expensive and the last thing you need is for your business to be is idle while you slowly collect, organize and display the facts. Manually recording information or communicating with the speed of 1930’s technology when you have invested in the technology of today is simply ridiculous. We are the essential add on to the core of your business


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