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So much has happened to get to this point in posting for the very first time.  In all reality, this post has been 20 years in the making.  My name is Tom Becker and I am the founder and owner of Bulwark Acquisition.  Before attempting to articulate what the future looks like for our company, let me rewind to the beginning.

I started my career at 18 by joining the US Navy and serving as an electrician’s mate on the USS Alaska (SSBN 732).  I joined for a few reasons, but a major contributor was the ability to travel the world.  Who knew I would be stationed on a sub that does not surface for months at a time and was not permitted to dock in any foreign countries.  Despite this minor detail, I look back on the time I served with fond memories, and have the friends to prove it.  This period in the late 90’s and early 2000’s taught me the foundations of structure, order and the value in having a well-defined system.

After leaving the military, I’d held a few jobs and was able to move into the professional ranks in corporate America.  I worked within the steel industry, postal industry, power industry and heavy equipment manufacturing.  I’ve traveled to at least 100 different manufacturing sites in the US and Canada.  In my experiences, I was exposed to LEAN, Toyota Production System, Six Sigma and everything in between.

It really wasn’t until I became an Operations Manager at a large corporation that I had to forge my own path of Continuous improvement.  So we began, a three day Kaizen of sorts.  First the structure of the organization, then the flow of information and a RACI – clear definition of roles and responsibilities.  Lastly – why we are going to measure, supported by the how and what.

The full implementation of what our team had devised took months.  At the end of our path we had a solidified organization with powerful visual management tools.  The only real downfall was the time that it takes to maintain visual boards and the system behind it.  I decided to build a better mouse trap…  I took my experiences that I had while visiting 100’s of manufacturing facilities and my own experience as Ops Manager to build a better program that is standardized, simplified, mobilized and is more visually appealing than any SQD board that has ever been seen.  You’ll see more on that in later posts…

As we continue our growth as a company, we’ll be continuing this blog and here’s what to expect if you drop on by…

  • Each post will be a 5 minute read.
  • Continuous Improvement Tools Dissected and Detailed.
  • Running Commentary on Industry trends – and when I say industry – I mean the manufacturing environment and the items that support manufacturing.
  • Product and Company Updates
  • We’re going to publish about 1x per week for the first 3 months and then 1-2x per month thereafter.
    • Additionally, our posts will get longer and include case studies.

This website and our products are designed for the Operations Managers, Shop Supervisors, Continuous Improvement Leads and Skilled Craft Labor out there.  Utilizing my experiences and lessons harnessed within the products we offer, you will reap the rewards with very little time or cash invested from your end.

Now, what do I expect from our customers and readers?  Only 2 things.  First, regardless if you agree or disagree with our posts, let us know.  Comment on the posts and get engaged.  From time to time we’ll have guest bloggers on here and we’d really like to see a focused discussion occur over time.  Secondly, we need feedback.  Just because we put a product out there doesn’t mean we are done.  We, along with you, are on a Continuous Improvement journey.  If you’ve signed up for our product or have demoed it, please expect either myself or one of my staff to reach out to you directly for feedback.  We’ll contact you to NOT upsell, NOT to have a BS conversation to check a box.  We care.  We want to know how we can better adapt to your organization and if our product has gaps that you’d like to see closed.

A status on our main product (COPEX) – The demo is live, so feel free to sign up.  COPEX will be commercially available in the next month to 2 months.  The companion iOS app will be live in the next 2-3 months.


Tom Becker

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