Purchase Requisitions


Standardizing a key part of your business

Tracking and management purchase requisitions can help your purchasing department identify methods to provide cost savings through bulk purchasing as well as identify problematic suppliers.  The Purchase Requisitions application provides a simple tool for users to generate needs for items within your facility and drive demand in an organized manner to your purchasing department.  Through the Purchase Requisitions module in the Compliance Portal, users can generate requisitions by identifying parts, prices, vendors, and other relevant information into the form.  Requisitions can be approved internally within the app and sent on to purchasing to generate a purchase order or authorize other payment methods.

lean manufacturing

  • Users can easily identify parts needed for your business and route for approval.
  • Modify requisitions if alternate vendors or pricing is obtained.
  • Get notified of requisitions in your queue or requisitions that have been finally approved
  • Monitor long-term pricing trends using our database.
  • Drive your business spend down and purchasing efficiency up using our module.





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