Equipment Maintenance Module

Effortlessly schedule and track all of your shop equipment in once place

Maintaining your equipment can be a tedious task, but failure to keep up with maintenance costs down-time and increased long-term reliability costs.  Utilizing the Equipment Maintenance module, users can create “assets” and manage their recommended maintenance cycles.  By creating an asset, our software creates a task list of recommended maintenance items and when they should be performed.  Your maintenance technicians or maintenance vendors can utilize our Maintenance Report to virtually log each of their maintenance activities providing key maintenance logs.  Users can quickly identify all maintenance performed on a specific asset, and which user performed the maintenance.  This module helps you keep your company’s maintenance plans easy to access and understand.


lean software

  • Users can quickly see maintenance due to be performed.
  • Automated email reminders to ensure a task doesn’t get missed.
  • Technicians can log-in via any internet connected browser to track and complete calibration tasks.
  • Identify and close gaps in your maintenance plans.
  • Improve your maintenance plan to reduce equipment down-time.





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