COPEX – Continuous Operational Excellence.

COPEX is an observation and identification system that seamlessly integrates into your business, providing a truly effortless mobile experience. Gone are the days of painful corrective action programs or incentive based improvement programs that are difficult to understand and implement.


Input your issue either during the normally scheduled production meetings or on the go via our mobile app. Input is simple. If you are thinking of a complex interface, think again.

  • Simple Interface
  • Lightning Fast Inputs
  • Automatic Sorting


Everything is categorized and displayed automatically so there is no effort that goes into maintaining the system after issue entry. No more print outs – no more coloring with crayons and markers.

  • Trend Over Time
  • Automatic Categorization
  • Instant Understanding


Use built in tools to attack problems and opportunities for revenue recapture. Our system creates a continuous discussion that will improve any organization that builds things for a living.

  • ROI Based Problem Solving
  • Fix Your Process
  • Continually Reset the Baseline

COPEX reduces your cost of doing business and yields two huge benefits

Whiteboard Successor; Get rid of paper.

We remove the need for large unprofessional Lean Manufacturing Boards. Move into current technology while improving every metric across your business. Present a professional appearance while taking your system mobile.

ISO9001: 2008 to 2015 Conversion

The biggest change from 2008 to 2015 was the Risk and Opportunities requirement. COPEX has you covered. No need for a separate procedure or convoluted method for identification. Get an industry proven methodology now.


Operate from a smartphone, tablet, or any computer. Our software is optimized for touch screen operation. For mobile devices, simply create an account on our website and then create a short cut tile on your screen.  Our software auto renders to adapt to what ever device display you are using.

  • All mobile phones
  • Touch screen laptops / tablets
  • Any laptop / desktop through traditional interface

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Lean software

Learn how your organization communicates.

One of the display options available utilizes the Heinrich pyramid theory. The levels -or severity- is completely customizable to match your business. This enables you to see where the majority of issues are being identified and empowers you to drive goals through your organization.

  • Drive down severity of incidents
  • Understand where your business operates
  • Create dialogues around significant events

A Standard Approach

Want to ditch the pyramids and revert to a more common tracking method? An alternate main display view can represent different segments of time. With each segment automatically colored to that days most significant event logged.

  • Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly Tracking
  • Quick assessment review 
  • Most relatable visual metric method

Lean manufacturing


Ask Why Seven Times

Ask why 5 times to get to the anatomy of the issue and then another 2 times to identify the area that the issue is coming out of. At the end of this process, the level of detail in the metrics available for display will truly open your eyes to how your organization operates and where your bottlenecks are. Bottom line – No more guessing where the problems are.

  • Tried and True questioning methodology
  • Drive to a consistent result
  • Remove objective opinions

Incentive Based Improvement

Ever hear of a Kaizen? We've created an abridged version designed to get results fast. Through normal issue identification, the user will be prompted to identify this as an issue where if investment occurs - is there a return on reward?
This is our RPI or Rapid Process Improvement.

  • ROI instantly Calculated
  • Seamless integration to business operations
  • Continuously drive down costs



Corrective Action System

Our CAD - Or Corrective Action Dialogue is similar to the RPI, however will identify a programmatic or process related issue that needs correction. This signifies that somewhere your process is broken and needs to be fixed. Our system makes this process simple, fast and compliant with the latest quality standards.

  • Eliminate waste not meant to be in your processes
  • Correct items once to prevent recurrance
  • Streamline workflow

Detailed Trending and Long Term Storage

Each metric is recorded and displayed in a time based function. This enables a quick dive into trending over time of issues logged, predicting the future and controlling your outcomes through corrective actions. Each graph responds dynamically to user interaction. Our system is hands down the best trending software you can buy for shop operations. Nothing even comes close.

  • Selective time based trending
  • Easy to understand tracking
  • Anticipate future incidents

Detailed trending
Simply put, the best operational excellence program available.

Turning Quality Compliance on its ear with a revolutionary SaaS product.

  • Low Barrier to Entry

    One WEEK Payback. For a very small monthly cost, instantly have a fully featured compliance and improvement program. Additionally, the yearly cost of this program is far less than the raw cost of the tools alone to physically put up an SQD board.

  • No Risk Learning

    The learning curve to using and understanding our program is minimal at best. If it takes more than an hour, we’ve done something wrong.

  • No Consultants

    Freedom. No huge upfront costs. No worrying that you chose the wrong vendor. Try our product out and if you want a larger, custom solution, we’ll work with you.

  • Why Not?

    Every package includes a 14 day trial. Don’t like our program? Just cancel without any hassle.

Why Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Bulwark Acquisition software takes minutes not weeks or months to get implemented. Remember, we’ve been there. We’re not a group of consultants looking to extract the maximum dollar value from you. We are industrial engineers. We are operation managers. We are providing a low cost web based software package that we host for you. You can access our cloud based software – and your databases - from anywhere in the world. We are providing our years of personal experiences and industry knowledge into a low cost, low risk solution so we can all benefit.

A subscription-based pricing model means that there is no upfront investment in hardware, costly licenses or implementation fees. No need to involve your IT in day to day management of service and software. Additionally, we offer flexible payment methods to make this easy for you. Monthly, yearly, credit card, purchase order….whichever method is the most simple for your situation.


  • Dedicated server instance
  • Backups encrypted and stored on an hourly basis
  • All of the latest, cutting edge security and tools provided upon release


  • Strong authentication requirements
  • Dedicated system ensures physical separation from other data
  • Constant system scanning, proactively preventing any issues


  • System uptime of 99.9%
  • Enterprise data centers used to their fullest extent
  • Infrastructure constantly maintained and upgraded before issues arise

Continuous Development

  • Just as you are improving, so are we
  • We are constantly releasing new features and innovations, at no cost to you
  • Best in class issue identification, most times resolving in less than 24 hours.





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