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COPEX Feedback!

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First of all….Thank you!

We reached out to 120 of you in the past 2 months to get an unbiased opinion on our main products COPEX and the Compliance Portal and here’s the feedback…

Of the 120 people we reached out to, 26 of you logged into the platform and 17 provided responses…Now, on to some of the good:

“I only wish our company would adopt something that integrates so many tools in one place.”

“This looks like a great tool for companies that are trying to build a QA and continuous improvement program…”

“I like the compliance tab a lot. … Documenting audits in the database itself allows for easy trending and follow up”

“I think it seems like a really sound platform that provides what appears to be solid coverage of ISO9001.”

“… easy to grasp the context and see the value. “

“I could see a bigger-bang for those organizations stuck in having a concept of what they want, but not being able to get there. “

“It appears to flow very nice, I don’t think (Our Company)’s systems could support such a smooth operation.”

“The customer feedback & SCAR sections are really impressive.”

“I think the automated email reminders for just about everything is really useful.”

“The one stop shop for everything from safety to customer satisfaction AND individual training records are pretty sweet.”

The good news is that these themes were repeated many times…and really validated where our product stands.  Some of the improvements we’ve made directly from the feedback:

  • Voluntary audit section too big
    • Created a collapsing audit section – make it as big or as little as you want
  • Missing procedures that would tie a business to the computer system
    • Pairing procedures now available
  • Too many hurdles in accessibility(purchase and set up)
    • Automated checkout process, <1 business day for set up
  • Pricing hidden – need for transparency.
    • $49/$99/$199 pricing tiers now displayed

Once again, thank you to everyone that logged in and provided feedback.  It really means a lot to us to have so many engaged friends on here that took the time out of their day.


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