Who we are and where we came from

Bulwark Acquisition is a veteran owned company based in Pittsburgh PA. We are an experienced group of professionals coming from a variety of manufacturing sectors such as DoD, heavy industry and power generation. In each one of our industries, we were using manual methods of continuous improvement (CI). We got tired of the highly customized and antiquated CI tools available and decided to do something about it. We provide products specifically geared to CI that are powerful, lightweight and affordable. We enable organizations for improvement and break through performance.

Our Strategic Initiatives


Our systems incorporate concepts from many improvement tools. Elements from LEAN manufacturing, Toyota Production System and Six Sigma. We then take many of these tried and true processes and present them in a product that is relevant with regards to current available technology. No other system available has a visual design component that is as powerful as ours.

lean manufacturing


We (and you) continuously improve and provide meaningful tools to your organization. So many times in our journeys of continuous improvement we find ourselves lost in the details of what and how to measure. With our systems, you should find a guided experience that yields meaningful results with very little work required on your part. In the words of the great Albert Einstein - If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Cost Benefit

Experience has taught us that getting a custom CI tool up and running can run easily into the $150,000+ range. This includes consultant time, implementation time and the product development itself. We are consolidating multiple industry knowledge sets into products that everyone can use in a cost efficient manner that cannot be achieved with any other product..

quality management system


A major pain point for us was the amount of time and energy that our top talent was spending in maintaining the monstrosity of the SQDC boards. What an archaic process. We build systems that minimized touch time and aid the organization. Tools we provide support the organization, rather than the organization supporting the tools.

Key Items that we bring to the table through our experience


Latest software technologies available. Better products with less effort, less cost and less waste. We find many manufacturers are using manual, time-lagged, time-consuming, unreliable data collection methods. Paper, white boards and markers all have thier place, but it's time to adopt technology and progress the CI field. We have the dedication, tools and expertise to dedicate to providing a first class experience thus freeing your existing resources.


Instant ROI. By far, we are the most cost effective solution on the market. We would even venture to say that we are the ONLY solution focused on the production floor. Creating this solution yourself would first require you have the experience in all CI tools, then the hundreds of hours of manpower available to create a product..and finally the raw development cost. By consolidating this into one solution offering we can add value to many organizations, instantly.


UI/UX ease of use. Our experience enables us to be able to provide a very concise product that solves many problems concurrently. By having the appropriate experience, we are able to logically put together safety, quality and delivery metrics together into one program that just makes sense. This experience also enables us to truly provide a viable, refined product and not something that requires customer education. In essence, the barrier to entry has just been erased.





Bulwark Acquisition


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