Heinrich Pyramids

The Pro’s and Con’s of using the Heinrich pyramids

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Safety and Accident Prevention is a major concern in the manufacturing and mining industries. Accidents equate to injuries, property damage and losses, and in the worst case scenarios, fatalities. Different theories have surfaced over the years since the Industrial revolution, one of which is still very much used today, this ratio is called the Heinrich Triangle or Pyramid. H.W. Heinrich …

Machine shop housekeeping

The 5 most important items (besides safety) to address in machine shop housekeeping

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Machine shop housekeeping is a constantly evolving process, with new best practices being introduced as we learn more about how we can keep our employees safe while running at optimal efficiency. The innovative 5S system, refined by the Japanese, provides five cornerstones which can be implemented to achieve efficiency and impact the bottom line, even with fewer employees available. 5S …

metrics in manufacturing

The 10 metrics in manufacturing that really matter

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Reliable access to metrics and data has given manufacturing enterprises and line of business managers a wealth of information – after all, you can’t manage it if you can’t measure it. But knowing which of these metrics are truly important and which need to be addressed when faced with all this data is just as important as having access to …