Toyota production system

A short summary of the Toyota Production System

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The innovative Toyota Production System (TPS) is often given credit for making Toyota the company it is today – a leader in the automotive manufacturing and production industry. Working intelligently to minimize waste and inventory are the key components behind it – but understanding why and how to reduce them is just as important if you’re trying to implement the …

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing – What is it and is North America Adopting it?

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Optimizing productivity with Smart Manufacturing Techniques is still in the initial stages of adoption in many American manufacturing firms. The government seems to have no plans yet to help companies upgrade, despite recent election results. Those who have taken advantage of Smart Manufacturing Technology(SMT) have optimized their concept generation, production and external relationships. Smart Manufacturing encompasses different phases in the …

Lean Visual Management – What is it and how to get your toe in the door

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Lean management is an approach to running an enterprise that implements the concept of constant improvement. It is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks and achieves small progressive changes in the work process in order to improve efficiency and quality. Incorporating a visual representation into the lean system brings the program to life as it follows the first …